And they lived happily ever after…

Non-traditional weddings are a blast!  I mean, who doesn’t love to dress up like they did in the Renaissance?  We can handle just about any theme you throw at us, we’re just that good at our jobs!  Some popular themes in the past include Renaissance of course.  We have so many options for both men and women in our rental and sale stock.  Or if you’d prefer we can make you a custom dress or outfit.  It’s not a problem.  Just give us a call and make an appointment with our designer so you can discuss fabric, trim, and style.

Steampunk is another theme that has surfaced in recent years.  What is ‘steampunk’ youSteampunk-Wedding Steampunk is another theme that has surfaced in recent years.  What is ‘steampunk’ you may ask? Well, it could be described by the slogan “What the past would look like if the future had happened sooner.”  There are even subgenres within this historical futuristic genre: Victorian inspired looks, American old west, and even medieval ages steampunk.  The key to a great steampunk look is mixing unexpected accessories with typical suits or dresses of the time period. 

 Star Wars, 1920s, Halloween Horror, and anime are other typical weddings we’ve seen.  We have both sale and rental costumes to accommodate the wedding parties and guests for these themes and many others!  Visit us and speak with one of our associates to discuss your wedding wear options.  

Attending a con? Check us out for great costume ideas and pieces!

Well, we’ve got plenty of costumes here for events such as Dragon*Con – for example, Harry Potter costumes and accessories (like robes, ties, wands, glasses, scarves, and other items – even Dumbledore’s hat, hair, and beard or McGonagall’s hat), or Star Trek costumes and uniforms (original or new), several items in the style of Tolkien’s universe, a full selection of theatrical makeup, stage blood, all sorts of wigs, black or white feather wings, demon horns, pirate outfits (including boots and hats), as well as several other costumes and accessories that are perfect for any upcoming convention. We also have parade costumes and furries!

Need a mascot?


We have a vast collection of parade and mascot costumes including animals such as chickens, dogs, panthers, bunnies, lions, dragons, dinosaurs, mice, ducks, and many more!  Each of these is unique, and comes with an appropriate fur suit, gloves, and shoe covers. If you’d like to rent one, give us a call or come by the shop.  We can take reservations over the phone with a credit card too if you’re unable to drop by during business hours.  During October, the rental period for parade and mascot costumes is one day–the rest of the year, they rent by three days.


If you’ve any questions at all concerning any aspect of our sale or rental costumes, or even questions or comments about this site, don’t hesitate to call us at 864-271-4260 or email us. You can also subscribe here to receive automatically receive updates of our site and stock.

You love your costume so much you want to own it?! Well it could be your lucky day!

Like we’ve previously mentioned, we built our rental stock with quality in mind.  On many occasions customers fall in love with their costume and want to buy it.  Lucky for you we offer that service as well!  Just ask an associate for a price.  If you decide you’d rather buy the costume than return it from a rental, we subtract any rental fee you’ve paid from the purchase price we quote.

 This is a great option if you frequently attend Renaissance festivals!

The secret of our success

We have an obsession with fabric (some might say unhealthy but we’re okay with that, everyone has their vices).  We have several hundred square feet in our warehouse dedicated to the most beautiful fabrics and trims you can imagine.  They display lovely textures and patterns.  Our designs would not seem as spectacular without the right fabric to bolster their ingenuity. 

We have over twenty years of experience in costume design and construction.  For these reasons we are always the first choice of many theatres when they need costumes.  We do not discriminate between well-known theatres and more obscure ones.  We do not discriminate between large and small casts either.  We dedicate our attention to providing the best service we can no matter the size of the job.

We’ve got Retro!

There’s a lot coming up in the near future–from RetroFest to the start of Opera season. Be sure to check out our Events Page to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the theatre community around Greenville.


On a related note, those of you getting ready for RetroFest should definitely check out our shop! Our online store contains mostly sale costume and accessories, but our physical location has a fantastic selection of vintage and vintage-styled rental outfits. We carry everything from bell-bottoms and polyester pants to daishikis, pimp suits, leisure suits, and some great one-of-a-kind dresses. That’s right, our rentals are all unique–you won’t see someone at a party with the same outfit as you.


Definitely check out our selection online, though: we’ve got some retro costumes here, as well some choices of men’s platforms and women’s go-go boots.

Aside from that, we’ve also got a huge selection of Retro/hippie sunglasses and shades–big, small, blue, clear, green, gold, sparkle; all sorts–and several different wigs that are just perfect for hippie costumes. We’ve got afros, long hippie wigs, bobs, and gogo-dancer wigs. Come by the store and try some on!

Looking for a Santa costume?

Did you know that we have well over a hundred Santa costumes in stock–rental and purchase costumes both? We rent Santas out for most of the businesses in Greenville that need them during the Holiday season, whether they’re grocery stores, non-profit organizations, churches, or businesses. We even have professional Santa suits, of course.


If you’re looking for one, come by our store and check them out! You’re welcome to try them on and see what you think. Actually, you can see several of our purchase Santas here. We’ve also got quite a selection of Santa wigs and beards in-store, ranging from around $25 up to about $80.

Our rental Santa costumes aren’t on our site, but we’d love to show them to you if you come by our store. There are three different types–Corduroy, Plush, and Velvet. Each one of these comes with the following: jacket, pants, hat, belt, boot covers, wig, and beard. Essentially, all you’ll need besides a person to wear the suit are gloves and glasses (if you’d like–we sell these in our store for only about $5.00 each). Prices are as follows: Corduroy ($55.00 per day), Plush ($65.00 per day), and Velvet ($75.00 per day)–and all rentals, as always, require a security deposit equal to the rental amount (if you’ve any questions about our rental policies, or how deposits work, click here to go to our FAQs).

So if you’ve any other questions, just email us or call us at 864-271-4260.

Thanks again for reading!

Halloween’s over–but we’re still here!


That’s right, in case you didn’t know, we’re open year-round. We’re always here (with the exception of Sundays and various holidays), so whenever you need that Teddy Roosevelt costume for your kid’s presentation, or that cute flapper for a Twenties-themed party, we’ve got them. Keep in mind our huge selection of period costumes as well–we’ve got the perfect outfits for any sort of Dickens play, as well as Christmas carolers. Not just the outfits, mind you, but also the top hats, fingerless gloves, muffs, and ear-warmers. In fact, we’ve got the perfect selection for some glorious steampunk outfits as well…

…Anyway, feel free to come by and try some things on, whether you want to be a Victorian gentleman or a mad scientist! Thanks again for reading!