Halloween’s over–but we’re still here!


That’s right, in case you didn’t know, we’re open year-round. We’re always here (with the exception of Sundays and various holidays), so whenever you need that Teddy Roosevelt costume for your kid’s presentation, or that cute flapper for a Twenties-themed party, we’ve got them. Keep in mind our huge selection of period costumes as well–we’ve got the perfect outfits for any sort of Dickens play, as well as Christmas carolers. Not just the outfits, mind you, but also the top hats, fingerless gloves, muffs, and ear-warmers. In fact, we’ve got the perfect selection for some glorious steampunk outfits as well…

…Anyway, feel free to come by and try some things on, whether you want to be a Victorian gentleman or a mad scientist! Thanks again for reading!